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Oct. 7 – It’s the most wonderful time….

What is it? That’s right, its opening day. Opening day in any sport makes me feel so renewed – and it also means its time to fire up another program. So, since today is opening day in the NHL, I’ll post the model’s hockey picks below. The hockey picks work a little different than the NFL picks – they are based on the odds to win represented by the money line, and the difference between that percentage, and the percentage I have a team winning. Like the NFL, early season games are based on last year, and have a lesser confidence level in general. So here are today’s 5 games, and the percentage difference (highest = more confidence) :

1)  Montreal (+140) over Toronto – Under 5.5 (-105)  (PCT: 10.82%, O/U PCT: 0.05%)

2)  Philadelphia (+150) over Pittsburgh – Under 6 (-110)  (PCT: 10.80%, O/U PCT: 0.40%)

3)  Chicago (-110) over Colorado – Over 5.5 (+110)  (PCT: 7.60%, O/U PCT: 13.78%)

4)  Carolina (+105) over Minnesota – Over 5.5 (-110)  (PCT: 6.03%, O/U PCT: 1.62%)

5)  Edmonton (+100) over Calgary – Over 5.5 (-110)  (PCT: 4.55%, O/U PCT: 2.91%)

I won’t be posting NHL picks every day, but I’ll keep you in the loop how the model is doing overall.

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