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Sept. 21 – Monday Night, Quick Trivia

I’ll start today with a quick review of last night’s game:

Reggie Bush - courtesy Mike Tooley/Icon SMI

6) New Orleans at San Francisco (Line : NOR – 5.5, O/U : 44) The Niners will have a tough time avoiding an 0-2 start. The champs will be facing another tough defense, and will probably have to score more than 14 if they want to beat San Francisco in their building. Alex Smith will have to play much better. The forecast doesn’t think he will: Saints 22 49ers 12. Actual Score: Saints 25 49ers 22 This almost looked like it would be a win for the model, until Alex Smith engineered a very nice last minute drive to tie the game. Frank Gore had a monster game in this one, but ultimately Drew Brees worked his magic in the final seconds to edge out a win. A nice road win for the Saints, but at a price – Reggie Bush might be out up to 6 weeks with a broken leg. A loss on both sides here.

I have another busy work day today, so I’ll pose a home-field trivia question, since we discussed that briefly last week: Which NFL team has won the most regular season games at home over the last 3 years? (2007-2009). I’ll give you a hint – they don’t play in a dome. Extra credit: Which 3 teams are tied for the second-most regular season home wins in that period? (2 dome teams). Give your best guess in the comment section, and I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow.

I’ll have all of the Week 3 predictions tomorrow as well.

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